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The Doctor Who LJ Icon Community

icons in time and space

Doctor Who Icons
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Icons from the Who'verse

Welcome to dwicons, a community for the sharing of Doctor Who icons. Whether old series, new series, spin-offs, cartoons, Big Finish or BBCi, if it's part of the Whoniverse, it's welcome here.

You're also welcome to post wallpaper, journal headers, journal layouts, friends only banners, colour or love bars, and profile banners.


i. Please limit your teasers to three or four icons. (Believe it or not, there are some people still on dial-up. No, really, they exist.) Any large images should either have a small teaser or be put behind a cut.

ii. If you're posting icons using images from episodes that have not yet been broadcast in the UK and the USA, a spoiler warning is required. After the initial USA airing any images from it are no longer considered spoilers.

iii. Posts should contain graphics and/or icons relating to the Doctor Who universe. Please don't post just to pimp other comms (if you have a comm that is Doctor Who or icon-related and you'd like to be added to the affliates, please reply to the affliate post.) For any other sort of post, please ask first.

iv. Don't disable comments.

v. All posts should have a minimum of three icons.

vi. Do not link to locked entries.

vii. Please always use a Subject Line!

Any post that breaks the rules may be deleted without warning. Anyone behaving like an idiot will get themselves banned.