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Welcome and Tags :)

Welcome to dwicons, the LJ community for graphics from the Doctor Who universe; this includes the shows/movies/books of Doctor Who, and its' spinoffs, such as Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Class, and more. Graphics can include icons, wallpapers, love bars, animated larger gifs, friends-only banners, and more.

Please read the rules on the profile page and follow them. You must be a member to post and comment here.

New tags will be added as the mods deem necessary. There is a limit of 1200 tags, and each tag may be used not more than 1000 times. By usage, several tags have been overused; in the future, please go by these new tag rules:

Old Tag -- New Tag

ten -- the tenth doctor
rose tyler -- companion: rose tyler
(just using "rose" is only for the episode title)
martha jones -- martha
amy pond -- amy or amelia pond
nine -- the ninth doctor
eleven -- the eleventh doctor
donna noble -- donna
jack harkness -- captain jack

This post is a sticky post, so that it will always be seen. :)

ETA: please use the tag "daleks" for daleks in general; the episode titled "Dalek" (S1x6) now has the tag "episode: dalek".



* Movies (Disney, Captain America: Civil War) : 1 - 7
* Stock (Animals, Flowers, Food, Travel) : 8-56
* TV (Doctor Who, Crisis on Earth X, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Legends of Tomorrow, Merlin, The Musketeers, Wandavision) : 57-72
Total = 72


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